Car Waxing and Polishing

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Waxing and polishing are not the same thing. They have completely different car detailing functions.

In short it can be said as this: polish removes and wax smooths.


Polishing is not another word for waxing. It is a completely different process.
It is usually done with car polish which is actually an abrasive material that will help removing the top layers of protection on the car.
That is why you can remove scratches on the surface of the paint. But this only works on the top layer of the paint. If the scratches are deep and reach the deep color coating polish will not repair the scratch anymore.
Of course, it works in a very fine and gentle way so that paint is not damaged at all.
After the correct use of car polish the surface is smooth and it will give a good shining reflection.
But ... polish does not protect the paint. That is what waxing does. So waxing is usually done right after polishing to preserve the effect.


Waxing is applying a thin coating of wax to the exterior of a car in order to protect the paint.

After having allowed the wax to slightly harden it is then buffed off with a towel or polisher.
While it may appear that all the wax is then removed from the vehicle's paint, a thin protective coat is left behind.
This protection works for UV rays and all sorts of contaminants and it makes the vehicle look good.
A good wax is going to stay on your car after heavy rain and it also does not melt in extremely high temperatures.
It is incredibly tough and it makes the vehicle look good with a glossy finish.

When is this needed?

Waxing is usually done regularly. About 2 to 4 times a year is what is recommended.
Polishing is done when needed.

Packages and prices

  • Wax package - Cleaning exterior - windows exterior - wheels - plastic trim refreshment - waxing: € 80
  • Wax and Polishing package - Cleaning exterior - windows exterior - wheels - plastic trim refreshment - polishing - waxing: € 150